About Us: BitsNDetails

table settingA flawless event need not to be expensive. We’ve seen it! We’ve heard it! There are sosetting many event coordinators out there but sad to say, sometimes effort or dedication is not just enough.  Bits and Details was born out of PASSION! That is why, we make your EVENT our PASSIOCakeN.

Passion brings out the best in a person, and passion is what makes us different from the rest.

As an event coordinator, we make sure all bits and details of your event are taken care of.

We will be your best friend on the entire preparation of your wedding up to its execution,,,,and perhaps working on your dream wedding or event is the start of a real friendship

We believe in the power of passion, in the importance of going into details, and best of all, we believe we can be your friends and confidante to make your dream wedding a reality.

Call us and let us sit down together over a cup of coffee to share memorable wedding experiences,,,after all, we were once brides too:)

Please visit the “WHAT MAKE US DIFFERENT FROM THE REST” page to find out the power of passion and how it helps us in executing every event we handle.